How to decorate your home with lights

Decorating the place you live in is always a pleasant and relaxing activity, especially if you already have some ideas on how to do that. Lights are some of the most popular and easiest ways to decorate any place – you just need a string of lights, and that’s it. However, if you don’t have any particular ideas on how to use the lights for decorating, here are three that you might like.

Along the window frame

Windows are sources of light during the daytime, so it would only make sense if there was another light source at the window during the darker periods. However, putting the lights on might be a bit tricky, since there are usually no hangers for that purpose. If you can damage the walls a bit, you may use small nails around the frame; or, alternatively, transparent duct tape. It’ll be easier with a thin and light lights string, like this one – you can also choose it in different colors.

In between the stair rails

If your flat or house is spacious enough and has a staircase, you’re vey lucky – the stair rails are very easy to decorate with the lights. You need to simply place the light string in between the rails, alternating them. Here, the weight doesn’t really play any significant role, so you can choose more complex lights, like this honey bee string.

Above the bed

Lights on the string usually have a warmer and more eye-friendly tone than regular light bulbs, so placing them in the bedroom – especially above the bed – will make it easier to fall asleep. And, of course, they will make your bedroom much cozier. Again, you may use nails or duct tape, as well as simply put it along the headboard rails.

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