How to choose shoes for the home?

Wearing shoes at home is actually not a recent trend; centuries ago, people would also wear shoes in their houses, for different reasons though. You may argue that wearing shoes at home is uncomfortable and unsanitary, but the idea is that you, of course, will have separate shoes for home and won’t wander around inside in your street footwear.

Reasons to wear shoes at home

If you’re not wearing any kind of footwear at home and prefer walking barefoot, you will notice that the skin on your soles gets harsher and rougher, you may also damage your feet more easily since there are no protection for them. Moreover, shoes will keep your feet cleaner and make it harder for them to get tired.

What to look for in home shoes?

Type and material. Since home footwear presupposes long wear, you need to make sure that it is as open and breathable as possible. The best choice would be to buy slippers or sandals, though some sneaker can also be suitable, especially if they’re made of light net material.

Sole. You also need to take into account the sole – it has to be light and stable, but a bit thick at the same time. That is important because sole is responsible for the comfort and damage protection.

Size. And, of course, you need to choose footwear of such size that is comfortable for you. Since usual home shoes are slippers or sandals, you may take a pair a size bigger than usual – that will give your feet more freedom; also, you could wear thick warm socks during cold periods more easily.

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