Best Passive Income In The World is seeking people to join our platform to start work home.

Requirements is Laptop or Smartphone.

How to earn on

Signup on our website

After signup then all you have to do is start sharing all the website products in all kinds of Facebook groups.

You can share in any buy and sell group across the world because we do free shipping worldwide.

Only if any customer buys the product, there after clicking your shared link then you will be awarded 10% commission per sale.

Recurring commission or Passive income. offers recurring commission for every customer you refer our products to, therefore if a customer registers on our website after clicking your shared link and keeps coming back to buy more products from the website then you will keep receiving commissions for the entire year.

Recruit to Earn Program

Xtrads also offers a recruit to earn program, that means you can recruit other people to join the site to start sharing products on Facebook to their friends and family. If a person you have recruited with your shared link has managed to get a sale, the recruited person will receive 10% commission and you will receive 1% commission bonus for recruiting them.

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Payout

If you recruited tom and then he recruited Jerry and jerry recruited Mary . If Mary manages to get a sale he will receive 10% the rest in between and including you will receive 1% each for your efforts of recruiting others. We offer up to four generation payout. Recruiting others to earn from Xtrads will also increase your monthly income.

Free Sign up for Anyone

Best thing about is free to join to start earning today, so it won’t cost you anything to get started.All you have to now is signup and start sharing products all over social media networks. If you manage to recruit at least 100 people from your efforts then you will be able to start receiving monthly income.For further more queries please do not hesitate in contact us.

Contact Details

Petro Rathnam


Ph: +6792182986

Bonus Feature

Xtrads offers Multi-Level Marketing Commissions, therefor the more people you will recruit on via link sharing on social media.

For a better understanding of how the MLM system works and provides rewards to affiliates, a common scenario is listed below:

MLM Settings

Matrix Depth(Levels) : 3

Amount For Each Level

John MLM Matrix sub-affiliates:

Max has Rank “Premium” with Amount: %10
Max refers a user that purchases a product of: $100
Rank Reward:
Max gets a referral of: $10

MLM Rewards:


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