Blog Marketing and Why Focus on It for Better Website Traffic in 2021

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Website traffic is hard in 2021, but it can be increased by blogging. As you already might have known, writing a blog or operating your blog has become a highly adaptive work in today’s society. If you didn’t know, then you should know people who write interesting articles and publish them online are called bloggers.

Some bloggers do blogging as a hobby, some do to optimize their ranking in search engine algorithm and drive traffic to their site and few bloggers also earn their living through writing blogs every day to support their livelihood.

As COVID19 struck this world as everyone experienced job losses, we saw a spike in the blogging industry. Interested in this blogging industry, we will share some of the problems and their solutions to be a blogging success in 2021.

#1 What is the best platform for blogging?


There are two types of solutions offered over the internet for blogging. First is a hosted solution where other companies handle your server hosting and site speed optimization for a small monthly fee. Some examples of hosted solutions are and Another option is self-hosted solutions. The majority of bloggers around the world choose the self-hosting option since bloggers can modify the looks and features of their blog.

The best option for the self-hosted blog is choosing a CMS platform because it gives you easy ready-made admin panel access to write, edit and publish your blog. Some examples of CMS self-hosting options are, Drupal, and Joomla. If you wish to self-host your blog then be aware that it might require some technical knowledge to set up a self-hosting blog.

#2 How to set up a self-hosted blog?

Getting started with a self-hosted blog requires a web hosting server, which you can easily get for really low prices due to the high competition in the website hosting industry. Below I have listed a list of web hosting servers that you can acquire at the lowest prices possible.

Cheapest Monthly Plan – Top 5 Web Hosts

Dreamhost – – Click Here to Visit website for Signup

Greengeeks – – Click Here to Visit website for Signup

Hostgator – – Click Here to Visit website for Signup

Bionicwp – Click here for free website signup

Recommended Hosting Plans

Cloudways – Click Here for free Signup

Inter-server – Click Here for free Signup

Digital ocean – Click Here to signup for free and Free $100 credit.

Once you have chosen which niche of blogs you will be writing and have decided which hosting company that you would like to get started with then sign up immediately and choose an available domain name. Domain names can be registered with your hosting provider. Choose a domain name that’s similar to your niche.

To find the best domain you can visit Google trends to find out the most searched keywords of your niche and test the availability of those keywords as domains with your web hosting company. By choosing the right domain will greatly help you rank better in the search engine when writing blogs about that particular niche. After creating your web hosting server with a domain name, then you will be granted a c-Panel, to access and manage your server in which you can create your self-hosted blog website.

If you don’t know how to create your blog site you can always ask assistance from your web hosting company’s support team and they will install and create a simple blog for you to get started with for no additional charges.

#3 Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important for website traffic?

website traffic

SEO is important for every website to rank better because it will drive more user traffic to your blog. With the higher user website traffic, your blog revenue/ conversion will likely be also high. To rank highly on the search engine, you must create unique contents which are not copied from anywhere. Google ranking algorithm AI has the potential to detect fraud copied articles and in return, they penalize your site and don’t send any website traffic to your blog.

The secret writing unique content is keywords. Yes, you need to be able to determine which keywords are the most commonly searched phrase on the Google search engine. You can find that information in Google trends. Apart from that below, I have listed some of the great innovative SEO tools to help you.

SEMRush – Click Here to Visit website for free Signup

If you’re really new and still not able to figure how to optimize for website traffic with keyword planning tools, then I would suggest that you can take up a small SEO course as guidance. Authority Hacker is a company that offers the best up-to-date SEO courses that are available in 2021. Click here to visit the website and signup for free.

#4 Website traffic with Social Media Blog Marketing

Blog marketing can be automated. Social media was introduced in our society to connect us to our friends and family. Due to its success, it also has become one of the best mediums of advertising your products and services to the general public. Social media presence is very important to every blogger or a blogging firm. The reason for social media presence is that your readers or followers can easily be updated via you on the latest release of your blog articles, plus it also gives you the ability to reach more audience.

An issue with social media blog marketing is that there are so many platforms and updating all your followers, becomes a very time-consuming task. Luckily there were a lot of solutions that were invented and are being used with top bloggers in the world. Below I have listed few companies and a link to their website that can help automate and manage all your social media accounts across the world.

SocialPilot – Click Here to Visit website for free Signup           

Crowdfire – Click Here to Visit website for free Signup                   

#5 Social Media Blog Marketing Manager

Yes, some bloggers don’t have time to manage their technical side of their blog and also don’t have time to focus on social media marketing. The solution to this issue is that you can always hire managers that charge low monthly fees. These managers have the technical knowledge to handle website and server upgrades and can solve technical issues if there be any need, apart from all these they also can handle your social media marketing campaigns. Some of them can even help automate blog sites up to a level where the blog self publishes its posts on all social media.

If you wish to hire a social media, technical manager, or blog manager, then please contact the person below:

Petro Rathnam

Phone/ WhatsApp: +6792182986


Conclusion for blog marketing and gaining website traffic.

At the end of this topic, I would like to conclude that blogging has become an important work that needs to be carried out by everyone to gain more online exposure. Please choose your niche wisely and constantly write on your blogs with interesting facts that you have discovered and would like to express that information to the world. Hoping you liked it and would subscribe to our website and follow us on social media for more interesting topics.

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